AVTAA Files - 'Application Forms'http://avtaa-vtsMO.evetsites.netAcademy of Veterinary Technician Anesthetists, AVTAA1. Professional History and Experience Formhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlThis form MUST be submitted with your PRE-APPLICATION by the May 31, 2020 deadline (11:59:59 Eastern Time)file/68205/1. Professional History and Experience Form2. Letter of Agreementhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlMust be signed by board certified doctor or VTS who works with the applicant applying to AVTAA (NEW)file/68206/2. Letter of Agreement3. CASE LOGhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlThis is a 20 page form with 3 cases per page. Space is limited so please be concise!file/68207/3. CASE LOG4. Abbreviationshttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlThese may be used in your CASE LOGS.file/68208/4. Abbreviations5. BLANK Anesthesia recordhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlIf your anesthesia record do not show the data required, you may download and use this form.file/68209/5. BLANK Anesthesia record6. Small Animal Skills Listhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlSkills list for SMALL ANIMAL applicants (Only submit ONE skills list).file/68210/6. Small Animal Skills List7. Large Animal Skills Listhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlSkills List for LARGE ANIMAL applicants (Only submit ONE skills list).file/68211/7. Large Animal Skills List8. CE formhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlThis is ONE page. You will need to download and save as many pages as you need to report your continuing education attendance.file/68212/8. CE form9. AVTAA Waiverhttp://www.avtaa-vts.org/application-forms.pmlThis must be downloaded and signed. You may use a digital signature.file/68213/9. AVTAA Waiver