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2020 Application Instruction Packet

Please download and READ the entire packet before you begin the process.

*The wording of the skills lists for both small and large animal have been updated*

The 2020 Application is now CLOSED to new applicants.  

You must have received approval on the pre-application to be eligible to submit a complete application in December 2019. 

There are NEW hour requirements that will be enforced for the 2021 application packet.  This packet will be available on the website by February 2020.  Please click here for the News Release regarding the new hours.

File NameDescription / Comment
Professional History and Experience FormThis form MUST be submitted with your PRE-APPLICATION by the May 31, 2019 deadline (11:59:59 Eastern Time)
1. 2020 AVTAA Application Instruction PacketPLEASE download and read this entire packet BEFORE you begin the application process.
2. 2020 CASE LOG This is a 20 page form with 3 cases per page. The spaces are limited, so please be concise!
3. APPROVED ABBREVIATIONSThese may be used in your CASE LOGS.
4. BLANK ANESTHESIA RECORDIf your anesthesia records do not show the data required, you may download and use this form.
5. LARGE ANIMAL SKILLS LISTSkills list for LARGE ANIMAL applicants. (you only need to submit ONE skills list)
6. SMALL ANIMAL SKILLS LISTSkills list for SMALL ANIMAL applicants. (you only need to submit ONE skills list)
7. CONTINUING EDUCATION FORMThis is ONE page. You will need to download and save as many pages as you need to report your continuing education attendance.
8. 2020 WAIVERThis must be downloaded and signed. You may use a digital signature.
NAVTA Membership Card CopyHow to download your current NAVTA membership card