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Requirements To Apply

  • Be a credentialed veterinary technician in some state or province.  Proof of an active license to practice as a Veterinary Technician is required.  International applicants must meet the requirements to be considered a credentialed veterinary technician/veterinary nurse in their country.  

  • Meet the work experience requirements of 8000 hours as a credentialed veterinary technician with a minimum of 4 years experience and be able to show that at least 6000 hours (75% of 8000) is work performed specifically providing anesthesia care and case management. All work experience must be obtained within a 5 year period immediately prior to the year you plan to apply.  Work experience is based on a June 1 to June 1 calendar year.  You must be a credentialed veterinary technician/nurse for all years of work experience claimed on the professional history and experience form.

    • Work with a board certified doctor (preferably an anesthesiologist, surgeon or criticalist), board eligible doctor or VTS (preferably in anesthesia & analgesia, surgery or ECC) the year of case collection.
    • It is strongly advised that an applicant spend at least 2-3 years working with a board certified doctor, board eligible doctor or VTS that is directly involved in advanced anesthesia care and case management before applying. 
  • Provide proof of 40 hours of CE that directly pertain to veterinary anesthesia or peri-operative analgesia. CE must be completed within the 5 year period immediately prior to when you apply.  There are specific requirements for presenter qualifications.  

  • Master the required number of advanced anesthesia skills for both the core and supplemental skills list.  All mastered skills must be properly described in ONE case log.    Only a board certified doctor, board eligible doctor or VTS who has mastered the skills themselves can attest to the mastery of the skill. 

  • Maintain a case log of at least 50 (but not more than 60) cases you anesthetized between Jan and Dec of the year you apply.  These should be of a variety of ASA ratings (I to V) with the majority (75%) being classified as ASA III or above.   The case logs should clearly demonstrate your advanced anesthesia knowledge and skill.  

  • Write 4 in depth case reports using cases from the case log that demonstrate your advanced anesthesia knowledge and skills.