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2025 Pre-Application Requirements

What forms do I need to submit with my pre-application?

  • Professional History and Experience form
  • Current license to practice as a veterinary technician/veterinary nurse
  • Proof of original date of credentialing (if not indicated on current license)
  • Letter of good standing from all veterinary medical boards where you hold an active license
  • Copy of diploma (ONLY if requested)
  • Copy of legal documentation of name change (ONLY if more than one last name is used on the application) 
  • Letter of Agreement
  • PayPal receipt (DATE and applicant NAME must be present on the receipt)

What is the Letter of Good Standing?

A letter of good standing from the veterinary medical board or regulating body is used to verify your credential status as a veterinary technician/veterinary nurse.  The letter MUST be on letterhead and, at minimum, contain the original date of credentialing and declaration of any lapse or suspension in license.  

Why do I need to show proof of my name change?

All forms of documentation should match the applicant's name. This allows us to verify the applicant properly through all phases of the application and examination process. 

What is the Letter of Agreement? 

AVTAA requires an applicant to work with a board certified doctor (preferably an anesthesiologist, surgeon or criticalist), board eligible doctor (completed a three year residency but has not passed the certifying examination) or VTS (preferably anesthesia, surgery or ECC) throughout the application process.  Please present this letter to the board certified doctor, board eligible doctor or VTS who will be assisting you through the process.  This letter must be signed and dated by the selected individual and applicant as proof that the letter was read. 

When is the pre-application due?

The pre-application documents listed above and the $60.00 application fee are due no later than 11:59:59 pm Eastern Time, May 31 2024.

What if I fail to meet the deadline of the pre-application? Can I still submit the complete application?  

Failure to submit and receive approval of the pre-application documents will mean you are NOT eligible to submit a complete application packet in December 2024. Any documents submitted in December 2024 will be automatically rejected.  

Who evaluates the pre-application?

The pre-application committee will be verifying work experience hours and confirming credential status in order to grant approval of these forms.  NOTE: All employment history listed on the form MUST have a contact name and work email for the person who can verify work experience hours.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the name and email address is correct.  Each employer (present and past) will be contacted via email for verification of hours claimed on form.  The employer will be asked to respond within 10 days from the date indicated in the email.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure ALL past and current employers respond to this email within the 10 day period.  Approval will NOT be granted until all employment hours can be verified. 

How do I find out if I pass the pre-application?

You will receive an approval email once all work experience hours have been verified. If the pre-application packet is missing documents or further clarification is needed then you will be contacted by a member of the pre-application committee.  A rejection due to not enough work experience hours or inability to provide all required documentation is FINAL and additional submissions will not be reviewed. There is NO refund of the $60.00 fee if the pre-application is rejected.  

Why do I need an applicant number?

The case logs, skills lists and case reports are blinded so that the credentials committee reviewers will NOT know the applicant’s name or place of employment.  
The approval email for the pre-application will contain a specific applicant number.  This applicant number MUST be used on all documents contained in Folder 2 (blinded) of the complete application.  The applicant number should be kept confidential to help maintain integrity of the blinding process.  The applicant number will also be used for the examination so it must be remembered throughout the entire AVTAA process.

What if there are forms missing in my pre-application?

If documents are missing or the professional history and experience form is filled out incorrectly the applicant has the opportunity to correct the issues and resubmit the forms at no additional cost as long as it is before the May 31 deadline.    

Where do I submit the pre-application?

The pre-application documents must be submitted via WeTransfer, www.wetranfer.com using the avtaa.vts.preapp@gmail.com email, no later than 11:59:59 pm Eastern Time May 31, 2024.  All pre-application files should be in a zipped folder labeled yourfirstname.lastname.applicant2025.zip  
(e.g. betty.smith.applicant2025.zip)