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American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Physical Status Scale
Class I
Minimal Risk 
Normal healthy animal, no underlying disease 

Class II
Slight risk, minor disease present 
Animal with slight to mild systemic disturbance, animal able to compensate 
Neonate or geriatric animals, obese
Class III
Moderate risk, obvious disease present 
Animal with moderate systemic disease or disturbances, mild clinical signs 
Anemia, moderate dehydration, fever, low-grade heart murmur or cardiac disease
Class IV
High risk, significantly compromised by disease 
Animals with preexisting systemic disease or disturbances or a severe nature 
Severe dehydration, shock, uremia, or toxemia, high fever, uncompensated heart disease, uncompensated diabetes, pulmonary disease, emaciation
Class V
Extreme risk, moribund 
Surgery often performed in desperation on animal with life threatening systemic disease 
Advance cases of heart, kidney, liver or endocrine disease, profound shock, sever trauma, pulmonary embolus, terminal malignancy
"E" denotes emergency